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I created my Baer health program to help you lose weight sustainably without having to restrict and give up the foods you love.

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When most of us begin a diet or try to get healthier, the first step is always to start cutting out all the things we’ve labeled as bad. We tend to go on these diets whether it's keto, intermittent fasting or whole 30 with the hope that it will be the answer to all our problems. Some of these diets do lead to short term success, but what you exchange for that short term success is a long term dysfunctional relationship with food.


Instead of asking what is bad in your diet and must be removed, I want you to ask how can we take the things that we’ve labeled as bad and incorporate them into our life in a healthy way. Restricting yourself from having the foods you love isn’t necessary.


The true battle of long term weight loss isn’t just seeing the scale go down. The true battle is seeing the scale go down, but feeling free throughout the entire journey. It's getting to the end and feeling no desire to reach back for your old habits. That’s what leads to long term success.


This Program Is For You If You're Ready To..

- Lose weight sustainably (Feel better In your clothes)

- Learn flexible balanced eating (All foods can fit)

- Stop restricting food and have more flexibility around food

- Feel confident incorporating meal planning and meal prepping concepts

- Build understanding and confidence around portion sizing

- Establish accountability and responsibility within your life


What's Included?

- Weekly calls/check ins to focus on personalized goals and mindset work

- Personalized meal plan with ongoing meal ideas

- Open message support 24/7

- Baer Health Sustainable Eating Book

- Customized nutrition protocols

Tired of eating bland and boring food to lose weight? I believe the food you eat needs to be enjoyable in order to be sustainable. That’s why I teach you how to build filling and satisfying meals while also including your favorite foods.

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